ICL-IP Energy Services supplies solids-free, high density brine solutions into the upstream oil and gas and mercury emissions control markets. Our products are:

  • Calcium Bromide 52%/Merquel®52
  • Calcium Bromide 95%/Merquel®95
  • Zinc/Calcium Bromide
  • Sodium Bromide 98%/Merquel®98
  • Sodium Bromide 45%/Merquel®45
  • Merquel®48
  • Merquel®96

ICL-IP has the world’s largest production and storage capacity for these products and provides service 24 hours per days 7 days per week. ICL-IP maintains a network of supply depots across the US and is able to deliver in bulk by barge, rail or truck and in IBCs, drums, sacks or big bags by truck.