Calcium Bromide

Calcium bromide is used in two main applications – clear brine fluids in oil & gas and as an oxidizer for mercury emissions control. In upstream oil and gas, calcium bromide is used to control wellbore pressures during completion and workover operations. In mercury emissions control, calcium bromide is sprayed on the coal prior to combustion and when the coal is burned the calcium bromide breaks down and reacts with elemental mercury to form ionic species of mercury that can be captured by downstream pollution control equipment.

Whether your calcium bromide needs are in oil and gas or mercury control, trust your supply of calcium bromide to the world’s largest manufacturer of bromine and calcium bromide – ICL Industrial Products. ICL-IP produces its bromine from the Dead Sea, which has the world’s most concentrated source and largest reserves of bromine. Along with calcium bromide, ICL-IP manufactures and supplies a number of other brominated derivatives in each market.